Gavin Butler & Nikki Groves’ vision for their free-range egg farm is simple yet extremely relevant. It is all about the passion they share for free-range egg farming and it is what drives this project.

But the project is not based or driven on passion alone. It is backed by relevant statistics, in-depth market analysis and the identification of a niche market opportunity, that will fill a gap in the production and supply of eggs commercially in Western Australia. The facts and figures speak for themselves:

  • Western Australia accounts for app 10% of total egg consumption in Australia (about 40 million dozen eggs/ year) - a market value of close to $170 million a year.
  • As much as 35% of annual consumption currently imported from Eastern States. (More than $60 million in potential income going east each year)
  • Currently just three major egg producers accounting for egg production in the wider Perth metropolitan. While these are major producers, employing the latest production methods, there is still an obvious shortfall if local production has to be topped up with imports from interstate.

Therefore an opportunity exists – there is a gap in the market!
(Source: 2013 Australian Egg Corporation Annual Report).


  • We have identified the opportunity, done our research and due diligence, drawn up plans, done the sums, found the ideal Avon Valley location, and engaged professional advice in key strategic areas of finance and marketing
  • We're confident that the right partners are out there; willing to invest in what really is a 'no brainer', to use the popular vernacular
  • The niche has been identified and exists in the market as a real and viable opportunity
  • The growth and increasing consumer pressure and demand for free-range farmed eggs is demonstrable and verifiable
  • The product is a recognised, essential element of our everyday diet
  • The market is on the cusp of change with public opinion and retail marketers already supporting the change to a more humane, holistic approach to commercial egg production
  • Free-range is the way of the future for commercial egg production and Rusty Plume is in the vanguard ready to pounce on this timely quantum shift in the market

"We know the free-range egg market and understand how to make it work on a commercial scale and are committed to filling a void that we know exists in the current market place.

We have a plan, we have professional support and we have the enthusiasm and endeavour to make this dream a reality."
Gavin Butler & Nikki Groves

Gavin and Nikki are eager to share their detailed plans for this exciting new start up business, with astute investors who can see the future mutual benefits associated with this project.

The pdf download on this page for the Invitation to Invest provides additional information on the Rusty Plume project.

If you would like access to more in-depth details on investment options and income projections on investment options and income projections, visit the contact page to email us or call the number shown.