We are a new company looking to take maximum advantage of a niche opportunity that exists in the commercial egg production market.

Hi, we’re Gavin Butler and Nikki Groves, and we started our free-range egg-farming journey when we set up a small, Bakers Hill-based boutique free-range farm that was turning over up to 510 dozen eggs a week.

While this may appear to be a miniscule blip in what is a massive commercial market environment, we had a dream, an idea, which we were very passionate about. And that was to make our mark by creating a commercial free-range egg operation that followed the criteria and lived up to the principles of free-range farming.

We love our hens and are proud of the naturally good, fresh eggs they produce daily for us. We are now in the process of transforming our one true passion into a viable, sustainable commercial business that will meet the emerging future needs of Australian consumers who are demanding a change in the way their eggs are produced.

Rusty Plume’s promise is that our eggs will always be fresh and always be produced using best practice free-range egg farming techniques and procedures.