WHY Rusty Plume

We are a new company looking to take maximum advantage of a niche opportunity that exists in the commercial egg production market.

Hi, we’re Gavin Butler and Nikki Groves, and we started our free-range egg-farming journey when we set up a small, Bakers Hill-based boutique free-range farm that was turning over up to 510 dozen eggs a week.

A 30% shortfall in LOCAL SUPPLY*

Would it surprise you to learn that as much of 35% of Western Australia's annual consumption of 40 million dozen eggs
has to be imported from Eastern States? That’s around $60 million in income going east each year.

A statistic that we are determined to turn around.

* ABC TV Report, 8 March 2014

The Project

There are currently just three major egg producers accounting for egg production in the wider Perth metropolitan. While these are major producers who employ the latest production methods, there is still an obvious shortfall if local production has to be topped up with imports from interstate.


Please phone Gavin Butler or Nikki Groves on 08 9574 0661 or email us